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Ben Brewster Tournament Rules


Tournament roster, copy of your state roster, and medical release forms for each player must be presented at registration. We do not need pass cards. Registration will take place 45 minutes before your first scheduled game. Teams may have no more than 18 players. Four guest players per team will be permitted as long as they are currently USYSA registered.

  1. Game Duration
    25 minute halves for all 11v11 games. Each game will have a five-minute half time.

  2. Substitutions
    Unlimited substitutions with the permission of referee:
    1. After a goal
    2. At half-time
    3. On goal kicks
    4. Throw-ins upon possession only.
    5. Injury (one player from both teams may be substituted whenever an injury has occurred after being beckoned onto the pitch by the referee.)
    6. Cautioned player (cautioned player only)
    7. Start of an overtime period.

  3. Forfeits
    No forfeit will be allowed without the permission of the tournament director. The score will be counted 3 - 0.

  4. Inclement Weather The Tournament Director reserves the right to make the following changes in the event of inclement weather:
    • Relocate and/or reschedule a match
    • Change a division structure
    • Reduce scheduled duration of a match
    • Cancel a match
    In the event of inclement weather forcing play to be halted and preventing the match from completing during the scheduled time, the score shall stand if at least one-half of the match has been completed. The tournament director will have the final decision on field closure. Should the tournament be cancelled due to weather, the director may pro-rate fees toward 2003.

  5. Player's Equipment
    All players must wear shin guards and cleats. No jewelry is to be worn. No one will be allowed to play if they are wearing a cast that has Not been properly wrapped.

  6. Rules for Advancement
    Teams will play within their respective division. Game points - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. If teams are tied in the standings, the following criteria will be used to determine the team's order of finish and/or placement in any subsequent playoffs.
    1. Goal differential
    2. Most goals scored (max 4 per game)
    3. Fewest goals allowed
    4. Head to Head Competition (used only if 2 teams tied)
    5. Coin toss
  7. Resolving Ties
    Play offs:
    1. Up to (2) five-minute sudden death overtime periods.
    2. 5 penalty kicks, followed by sudden death penalty kicks if still a tie. Teams may use only the players remaining on the field at the end of overtime.
  8. Protest
    There will be not protests. All officiating decisions are final.
  9. Sideline Behavior
    Both teams will sit on the same side of the field. Only coaches and managers may stay on the player's sideline. Harassment of the officials from coaches, spectators or players will not be tolerated.
  10. Send-offs
    If a player receives a red card during a match, that player will sit out the rest of that match and also the next match. A coach or other authorized bench personnel sent off during a match must leave the field immediately upon being sent off, and must remain away from the field during the team's next match.
  11. FIFA Laws
    The tournament will be played n accordance with FIFA Laws of the game except as modified by these rules.