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Ben Brewster is a coach with a proven record in developing youth, high school, and college players; one of the few with over a hundred wins at both the college and high school levels.

Although he first touched a soccer ball at age 18, Ben spent four hours a day for two years trying to learn the game at Brown University where he became an All American player.

Scoring against West Point...
Scoring against West Point...

Ben's search for excellence and knowledge of the game took him to Europe and eventually to the US National Team, where he played two games with the squad, scoring one game-winning goal.

With U.S. National Team

...and Princeton.

...and Princeton.

Ben spent 18 years coaching at Yale University, Connecticut, and Boston College.

Coaching at Boston College

Ben especially transformed Boston College from a Greater Boston League team to a National power and its first NCAA bid.

Ben was named New England Coach of the Year.

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