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Annual "Seven on Seven" Soccer Tournament

North Andover, MA — July 15-16, 2006 — This popular early summer event, for Boys and Girls Premier and Town Travel teams - U8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and U14, 16, and 18 divisions, provides a great opportunity to wrap up the spring or to preview the fall season. Teams are comprised of six field players and a goalie using a field of play about sixty yards long by fifty yards wide with full sized goals (8í x 24í). Fields have a full grass surface and all games for Ben's "Seven on Seven" Tournament are held in the same location, with one referee per game.

Bringing together the best possible teams from the New England area and around the country, age groupings at the premier level are limited to the top eight teams, unless the number of quality teams demands a bigger draw.

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Enjoyable town travel and recreational divisions are created for each age category, with special attention to competitive matching.

All divisions play four games in this one-day format. Games include two fifteen minute halves with a three minute half-time period. Regular FIFA rules will apply with these exceptions:

  • There will be no Offsides;
  • Once the goalkeeper has handled the ball, he cannot serve it over half field without having the ball touch either the ground or a player in his half.

Awards are given to the members of the top three teams in each age category. All players in the youth ages ten and below receive an award for participation.

Also, for the seasoned player, Menís and Womenís matches are available in the following formats: Open, Over 30, and Over 40.