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Learn to Create Chances and Score More Goals

Attend Ben's goal scoring clinics during March and April, available by request, in your town or at New Hampshire's
New Hampton School.

Individual and team methodology to help you create and finish goals.

Open to individual players, groups, and coaches — on a clinic by clinic basis.

Dynamic technical/tactical buildup, and group play in the final 25 yards.

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Instruction includes:
  • Instep training and shooting facing the goal.
  • Shooting on the run and one or two touch shooting.
  • End line runs and setup passes.
  • Near post runs with a shot or a pass.
  • Combination play in and around the penalty area.
  • Heading on goal and head passing in the penalty area.
  • Dribbling to penetrate into the penalty area
  • Individual and team composure in the final 25 yards

Additional information:
To book dates and times, call 603-744-5067 or email ben@bbsoccer.com.