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What They Say About Us

"Last year I tried going to a college camp but I didn't think it was as helpful as your camp was. The Wildcat camp has probably been the best camp I've gone to and I hope to come back this summer."
Brett McLarney, 17, St. John's Prep

"I had a lot of fun playing. The camp is a lot of hard work but in the end you get a lot out of it."
Missy Gloekler, 12, Bow Soccer Club

"Missy's exposure to a variety of talented coaches and players has enhanced her knowledge, skill and competitive ability. A camp at this level continues to challenge her and make her a better player."
Denise Gloekler, parent

"As a coach I found Ben's camp to be extremely helpful for players that really want to learn. My players found it hard but they really loved it. Ben's enthusiasm was infectious and my son played his best soccer for him. The camp helped my high school age players prepare physically and mentally. After the week they were ready for tryouts."
George Veves, coach, Granite State League

"I personally loved the camp even though it was tough getting used to waking up at 6am every day. The week I spent there really polished my skills and got me in pretty good shape with all the playing involved."
Josiah Lero, 16, Hollis Brookline High School

"Ben Brewster's Wildcat School is a great experience. The technical skills are superior. The hours are long but the coaches make it a lot of fun, too. My new skills helped me to excel at school."
Ian Cascadden, 14, Newfound High School

"Ben's camp week is tough but it is a tremendous experience. He really helps kids improve several key skills including instep shooting, ball control and passing. He has worked with many top coaches in the US and overseas. His tactical playing segment is to the point drawing on all his past experiences. Each day is demanding but has a nice flow to it."
Bob Surette, coach, Maryland ODP