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We strive to develop a skillful player capable of making correct decisions under pressure from an opponent. Our ultimate goal is to instill in you the passion and flair for the game which will allow you to enjoy playing to your fullest. We aim to give you the tools necessary to assert yourself on the field and with your team.

First we will give you a true picture of where you are now. Then we will help you shape your goal for the future - how you see yourself as a player and as a person.

Our staff serve as excellent role models as we help you reach your highest potential. We guarantee that you will head home a better player with a clearer focus of what you want and how to achieve it.

Top Level Goalkeepers Join Wildcat Weeks

Top goal-coaches and Ben Brewster combine their efforts to offer goalkeepers and field players the best of two worlds: Real-life game experience and intense, inspirational training.

The co-directors have organized a challenging program featuring top instructors with many years of goal-coaching know how.

The world's best goalkeeper training is the game. You put your daily training, to the test each day against excellent field players.

No other goalkeeping program offers a more rewarding experience. Now take this opportunity to use proven training methods to get the winning edge.

Your performance will improve dramatically. You will share the passion Ben and his staff have for you and the game.